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Bio-Sul Premium Plus is a subsequent technology, nutrimental sulphur for a sustainable future. An excellent Canadian innovation in crop science, Bio-Sul feeds the microbes within the soil, and isn’t a direct-to-plant fertilizer. It really works as quick as chemical fertilizers however lasts a number of years. It will also be surface-applied at any time of 12 months, as an alternative of happening through the nerve-racking spring-seeding operations. Daring statements… right here’s the way it’s achieved:

Bio-Sul’s nutrimental sulphur may be utilized when it’s advantageous for you, with spring, fall, and in-crop purposes obtainable. Since Bio-Sul is a slow-release fertilizer, it eliminates the necessity for yearly utility, saving you money and time – and that’s except for being probably the most aggressive greenback per pound/per acre sulphur product in the marketplace at the moment. Plus, Bio-Cycle Options distributors can apply the product on to your fields utilizing specialised applicators, releasing up your personal helpful tools and time.

Bio-Sul hastens the seeding course of by “taking a number of product out of the seed drill… It additionally reduces the quantity of fertilizer hauled to and from the farm, [reduces] put on and tear, in addition to the quantity of cupboard space required to deal with [the] annual provide”, says Richard Limoges of Limoges Seed Farm close to McLennan, Alberta.

Bio-Sul’s nutrimental sulphur has a low salt index. Ammonium sulphate can improve the salt index of your soil, however Bio-Sul has a decrease index and is distributed on the soil floor, considerably decreasing the danger of seed harm. These dangers are even additional mitigated by the slower launch of plant-available sulphate by means of a organic course of requiring soil micro organism, which lessens the prospect of abrupt will increase in soil acidity or pH. Elston Solberg, analysis agronomist with Solar Mountain Inc. in Edmonton, explains that “Elemental Sulphur (ES) is much less acidulating than Ammonium Sulphate (AS) on a LB/IB foundation. For the reason that conversion to SO4S is organic, the impact is additional diminished” when utilizing Bio-Sul.

Sulphur is especially necessary for protein synthesis and is a key element of the amino acids wanted for that course of. It enhances the utilization of each different nutrient (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), and aids within the synthesis of stress fighters and antioxidants inside plant tissues. Moreover, sulphur performs a job in supporting compounds like glucosinolates, which assist vegetation defend towards sure bugs and illnesses.

Bio-Cycle Options is efficiently making an environmentally pleasant fertilizer product out of elemental sulphur. So, is it Elemental Sulphur or Sulphate? It’s each. It begins out as Elemental Sulphur (70%) and compost (30%) on the floor, however the Sulphur converts to a Sulphate earlier than it reaches the plant. The diet it supplies the microbes is why it’s known as “Nutrimental” Sulphur. With over 1,000,000 acres unfold in Alberta alone, the mutual advantages to your backside line, the setting and the sustainability of Canadian farms are exhausting to disregard.

For extra details about Bio-Sul’s Nutrimental Sulphur, please go to Bio-Cycle Options, or the Bio-Cycle Training Centre.